Work For Food - composition by David Ocker © 2011 all rights reserved - 339 seconds

Read about Work For Food here.

Other recordings
Work For Food 2011, piano, bass, drums (339 sec.)
Too Poor To Be A Whore 2011 piano, bass, drums (579 sec.)
Maximum Wage 2012 piano/celesta, bass, guitar, drums (301 sec.)
Waiting For The Trickle Down 2012 piano, e.bass, e.guitar, perc. (501 sec.)
Swing Right 2012 piano, bass, guitar, perc. (302 sec.)
Swing Left 2012 piano/celesta, bass, guitar, drums (258 sec.)
Cuffus 2013 piano, bass, guitar, drums (37 sec.)
Cactus Flower 2019 piano/celesta, bass, guitar, perc. (190 sec.)
Trying the Same Thing, Expecting a Different Result 2013, piano solo (3151 sec.)

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